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What is a Digital Download?

Digital downloads are digital files (e.g., JPEGs or PDFs) that you can download and print yourself. Normally after payment is confirmed you will have access to your files instantly and can keep them forever!

Where to Print?

Once downloaded, you can print out your files on your home or office printer, upload them to an online printing service such as Shutterfly or Snapfish, or email your files to a local print shop.

Home of Office Printing Guidelines?

We recommend using 300gsm cardstock or heavyweight photo paper for your prints (which you can find on eBay and Amazon).

Glossy, semi-gloss, satin or matte selections are matters of personal preference, but our recommendation is satin paper.

When printing your files, be sure your printer's settings are set to print at "original size" or 100% to ensure proper sizing.

In addition, make sure your printer's colour management/colour correction is disabled before printing.

Please note that it's normal for colours to differ slightly from what you see on screen. This is due to computer screens being calibrated differently to printers.

Benefits of Digital Downloads?

Choose any size, colour, frame and printing surface (paper, canvas, wood, etc.) you desire.
Receive your prints instantly (or if personalised, within one business day)
No paying for shipping costs or the “middle man”.
Files are yours forever - reuse as gifts for friends and family!
Available to everyone, everywhere.